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Owner and Daughter in Bizzy Bee hoodies on the beach

About Us

created from need, grown with love

Kim and her family live on the Connecticut Shoreline and enjoy spending summer evenings on the beach and taking walks in the historic downtown with their two dogs, Maya and Maple. In 2016, Kim founded Bizzy Bee Playwear when her daughter, Isadora, was around 8 months old. Kim was frustrated by her inability to find pants that fit comfortably over cloth diapers and set out to design a solution. After creating a closet of "Grow with Me" pants for Isadora, friends began requesting that Kim make pants for their children as well. Thus, Bizzy Bee Playwear was born with a mission to create eco-friendly styles that address common children's fashion problems.

The name Bizzy Bee Playwear is very special to Kim and her family. Kim's daughter, Isadora, was given the middle name Beverly after Kim's grandmother, who was a creative woman that made many of her own clothes for special occasions. Kim's grandfather was touched that Isadora was named after his wife, but also amused that "Izzy B sounds like Busy Bee," and Isadora has indeed proven to be a busy bee as she has grown. By embedding Isadora and Kim's grandmother Beverly into the name of the business, Bizzy Bee Playwear honors the legacy of two creative and inspiring women.

Over time, Bizzy Bee Playwear has expanded to address additional clothing conundrums. In 2017, Kim introduced car seat ponchos to provide parents with a warm coat that children can wear in their car seat. She also added women's tops with easy breastfeeding access to provide mothers with comfortable, beautiful tops and dresses that allow for easy feeding on the go. The shop now offers a wide range of comfortable dresses, hoodies, pullovers, pants, bummies, sun hats, and women's scarves with pockets. Kim welcomes requests for special orders and custom sizing to help customers with common fit problems.

At Bizzy Bee Playwear, Kim is passionate about creating high-quality, eco-friendly clothing that solves real-world problems for children and parents alike. Thank you for visiting the site, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or special requests!

Izzy in a Bizzy Bee Dress eating a cupcake

Eco Friendly and CPSC Compliant

Infant layette set with sunflowers and sage green trim

Eco Friendly

BIzzy Bee Playwear shops from US-based shops that custom print designs on US-based textiles for all of the children's clothing and most of the women's clothing featured in the shop. Shops that print the designs on the fabrics use eco friendly dyes. Most dyes in mass produced textiles require chemicals to set the dye in the fabric, sometime needing 15-20 gallons of water and chemicals per yard of fabric, Dyes in the fabrics selected for Bizzy Bee are set with heat, fabrics arrive at Bizzy Bee with dyes unset and they are set during the process of pre-washing and shrinking fabrics before they are cut into clothing, eliminating the need for hundreds of gallons of water and chemicals. 

Additionally, scraps from cutting garments that are too small to be used are repurposed into dog or cat toys and beds that are donated to local organizations. BIzzy Bee works hard to find high quality materials for clothing so garments will last to be handed down and not end-up in landfills. 

CPSC Compliance

The Consumer Protection and Safety Committee (CPSC) sets forth strict guidelines for the construction, tracking, and labeling of all clothing items as well as specific requirements around flammability, lead, and small parts testing of components. BIzzy Bee Playwear is very proud that all garments in this shop meet these requirements. Every item will come labeled with the manufacturing details, a unique tracking code that includes the date of manufacture, fiber content, care instructions, and sizing as appropriate. Materials all meet flammability requirements, and any components (zippers, closures or ties) have been tested for lead. You can feel confident in shopping that safety is the first thing considered when selecting materials and design. 

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