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Bookings-Make the most of Custom Clothes!

Tailor's tools. Scissors with thread, pins, and sewing pattern

The amazing thing about custom bespoke clothing is that you can pick everything about it and the sizing is tailored to you! Maybe it's a bit intimidating? Maybe you want to treat yourself but aren't sure where to start. We'll walk through the whole process!

Book in person or virtually and we'll walk through all the possibilities! Starting with what you're looking for! we can accomplish everything from a cozy everyday sweater to a special dress for some occasion.

Your appointment will start with discussing your needs and then looking at patterns as a starting point and discussing how to modify them (you like the top of one dress and the bottom of problem! You love that sweater, but need breastfeeding access, sure thing!).

Next, we'll look at the different fabric possibilities, do you want something floral? or graphic print? stripes? something for a holiday? We've got thousands of options to pick from!

Then we'll walk you through all the base options (what the design gets printed on) heavy or lightweight cotton, rayon, sweatshirt fleece? There are so many possibilities to make sure you get exactly what you want! In-person we'll have examples of all your options, Virtually we'll walk through products to make the best choice!

There is a fee associated with booking, this is to minimize cancellations, always happy to reschedule appointments, and your booking fee gets deducted from the final cost of whatever you design.



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