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Exploring the Impact of Personalized Production: Made-to-Order and Sustainability

pullover with red tractors, red sleeves, and an oatmeal collar

BIzzy Bee started of a desire to make eco-friendly clothes for babies and small children but quickly grew to include all sizes and ages. And with sustainability as a core value, it quickly became clear that to offer the size range and customizability we want, operating under a made-to-order model is essential.

Bizzy Bee is a one-woman show, so making dozens of variations in various sizes is mostly impractical regarding our most precious resource, time. BUT, it's also impractical for sustainability, I can't predict what size in a particular garment someone may look for! I do keep a small inventory of things like newborn outfits, those make great gifts and don't use tons of fabric.

To create a line of little kid hoodies (for example) from 2T- Size 10 would require about 8-10 yards of custom printed fabric plus whatever solid colors to create one in each can see how very quickly even a small line of ready-made items adds up to dozens of yards of fabric, and what happens when I have 4-5 left-over in sizes no one wants? Waste indeed.

Under our made-to-order model, we can order exactly the quantities of fabric required for the garment you want (A Large kid's hoodie takes 1 yard of custom fabric and another 1/2-3/4 yard of a solid). Imagine scaling that up to adult items or women's dresses!

Looking for something quick? I do keep an inventory of things that don't need sizing, like our famous growing baby pants (fits 3M-24M), big floppy reversible sun hats perfect for the beach or vacation, and our ever-popular infinity scarves with hidden pockets! Our Car Seat Ponchos also are available as ready-to-ship.

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