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Safety and Handmade Children's Clothing

Seamstress cutting orange fabric

Outside of sustainability, what other goals does BIzzy Bee have when it comes to offering high-quality clothing for adults and children? SAFETY! When it comes to children's items, handmade or otherwise, there are laws (that not all makers follow) that govern what you can and can't sell and more laws where items intended for children are concerned. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has jurisdiction here, and BIzzy Bee is proud to comply with CPSC safety standards, which is not a small undertaking.

First, Flammability- all fabrics must meet flammability standards, they must either have a flat surface and be exempt from testing or each lot of fabric must have a flammability certificate. So beyond assessing fabrics for their impact on the climate BIzzy Bee also carefully ensures that flammability standards are met.

Second, Garment design- this is especially important for children's clothing, there have been big-brand recalls on clothing with drawstrings that are too long and pose a strangulation risk. BIzzy Bee chooses to design clothing for children that do not require drawstrings for garments to function (our pants pull on and stay up!). Additionally, components like zippers and snaps must be tested for lead.

Third, Tracking- this is probably the biggest headache, every garment is tracked, where the fabric and other components came from is documented and the garment is assigned a unique number stamped on the label or tag. If any component of the garment were subject to a recall, BIzzy Bee would know exactly which items were impacted.

Shop confidently knowing that we take steps to make sure garments meet all CPSC required safety standards!



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