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Wix says I should have a blog, so WELCOME! We'll chat Sustainability in Fashion

It's a funny thing when you take a passion and decide to turn it into a business, there are all these additional things you are not necessarily good at that you have to figure out. I love sewing, and sewing for others, I love making things in a sustainable way, but what I'm not yet good at are maintaining a website, keeping up with social media, SEO, and apparently blogging.

So because folks who know better than I say that to drive website traffic I need a blog, here it is. Let's talk about sewing, fabrics, sustainability in fashion, and maybe more! BIzzy Bee Playwear was started as a way to offer up custom clothing that is made using eco-friendly fabrics and minimizing fabric waste, so this blog will talk about all the ways I try to meet those goals!

Two people in handmade hoodies at the beach
Me and BIzzy at the Beach

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