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Sustainability: It starts with Fabric

Let's talk about the raw materials used for BIzzy Bee products and how they are choosen! From the beginning, every choice made about what goes into BIzzy Bee starts with the question "How can we make the best choice for the environment possible?"

What fabrics are we going to use? Mostly (with a few exceptions) we look for plant-based fabrics (exception: Car Seat Ponchos are 100% polyester, which is important for meeting safety standards for the flammability of fuzzy fabrics). The majority of items are at least 95% cotton or rayon.

Where do they come from? All fabric suppliers for BizzyBee are US-based to reduce the carbon footprint associated with international shipping. We also prioritize shopping from small businesses that prioritize being climate-friendly.

How are the prints made? Traditional fabric printing can require tens of gallons of water and chemicals to set the prints into the fabric base. BIzzy Bee shops from small printing companies that use heat-set pigments; fabrics arrive here and go through the usual pre-wash and dry cycle, and the pigments get set in the fabric in the dryer. Less water and eco-friendly laundry soap are substituted for the usual process, decreasing the environmental impact.

We want our clothes to make you feel good because they're better for the planet, not just because they're comfortable ❤️



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