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Sustainability Scraps: Combatting Fast Fashion

pile of colorful fabric with scissors

It's time we start paying attention to the alarming amount of fabric waste the fashion industry produces. The issue stems from both the front end of garment creation, where fabric scraps go unused, and the back end of fast fashion, where clothing items quickly deteriorate. By making a conscious effort to reduce waste, we can help mitigate the fashion industry's environmental impact and work towards a more sustainable future.

BIzzy Bee tries to tackle sustainability from both sides. First, medium and large scraps are used to make "little things", have you checked out the "ScrUndies"? The kids and I have been wearing undies made from fabric scraps for years...and now you can too, every pair is different!

And what about the scraps too small for ScrUndies? Well, we're fortunate to live in a community that has fabric recycling, so anything that can't be turned into something else goes to recycling, last year this amounted to about 2 paper grocery bags of scraps.

What about finished garments? BIzzy Bee works hard to select fabrics that are going to hold up, Cottons fabrics with a small amount of spandex to give them enough recovery that they don't stretch out (you know that great t-shirt you got that used to fit perfectly but is now baggy in weird places, it doesn't have enough spandex to help the cotton recover from washing and wearing). My kids have put these fabrics to the test, My oldest has worn outfits for years (yes, years, she's a slow grower at 8 years old wearing some 5T clothes) and was still able to hand them down to my youngest.

So, shop confidently knowing that sustainability is thought about throughout the lifecycle of these garments.



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