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Small Business Supporting Small Businesses

When you shop from BIzzy Bee, who else wins? We all know that shopping small has big impacts, but the ripples go further! Small businesses are often big supporters of other small businesses so when you decide to shop small your investment makes an impact! What small businesses does BIzzy Bee support?

mom and kids in matching plaid dresses
BIzzy Bee also regularly participates in pattern testing with pattern makers! Small Business helping small business!

  1. Pattern makers- Most BIzzy offerings are pattern-based, and I get my patterns from other small (usually woman-owned) companies. These women know their stuff! They make sure that when you read a size chart and order according to measurements, you will get a garment that fits! I will happily adjust patterns to make sure they fit you, or your kids! Izzy is one of those lean kids whose off-the-rack pants are either too short or falling down, I always make major adjustments to her patterns so her clothes fit!

  2. Fabric Companies- All our knit fabrics come from small, family-owned companies. I have my preferred printers for beautifully patterned fabrics and have a preferred shop for all the high-quality solid-colored fabrics, all small businesses!

  3. Graphic Designers- The printing companies I use offer these artists a place to sell their designs! so shopping benefits the fabric printer and the artist who designed the fabric.

Small businesses help each other! when a pattern maker is developing a new pattern it takes dozens of people testing each size of the pattern to make sure that the measurements are correct. When I have the bandwidth I'll participate in these endeavors and often the kids get in on it too. When we had a COVID Christmas I tested a new dress pattern and got adorable photos of me and the kids in our matching finished products!

infinity scarf with hidden pocket holding phone, wallet, and chapstick

Some of my favorite offerings in the BIzzy Bee Shop have come out of pattern testing! If you don't yet own an infinity pocket scarf, you should! These infinity scarves are made of lightweight cotton or rayon and are perfect for the winter to spring season. They have a hidden pocket that can easily hold your phone, some cash, a chapstick, and maybe even your car key. They are great gifts!

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